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About The Pool Boys

Kemper Trull

Kemper Trull is an Aquarian, an equestrian, and the foremost authority on aqueducts. He enjoys long walks on the beach, bicycle shorts, and watching reruns of Matlock. He is a fervent leprechaun truther; he is a concert triangle player; and he has a world-class collection of stuffed mice. He was once chased around an Arby's in Newport News, Virginia by Barry Manilow for stealing a curly fry.  In his free time, Kemper watches birds and makes a guacamole that is famous in 6 states.

In the end, Kemper only believes in 3 things: the importance of investing in employee engagement; the value and camaraderie derived from office pools; and, as previously stated, leprechauns.

REAL SCOOP Kemper spent ~15 years in the staffing and recruitment industry, helping thousands of professionals find meaningful, fulfilling work and guiding hundreds of companies in the development of strategies for attracting and retaining talent.  
Having held leadership positions in corporate HQs and satellite offices - in remote, hybrid, and in-person environments - Kemper gained firsthand exposure to the challenges of building community and establishing corporate identity in today’s blended workforce.  Serendipitously, he found that creating fun office pools was a great ice breaker and got people communicating and participating at work in totally new ways.  New relationships were forged across departments and locations; ideas flowed easier and without fear of judgment; and employees grew more protective of their corporate culture.  And thus, the genesis of The Pool Boys.
Kemper graduated from Wake Forest University, where he picked up his wife, a Psychology degree, and long-time friend Ethan.  He has two Elementary-aged children and a 12-year-old shih tzu, appropriately named “Deacon.”  He loves sports and music, and he will compete at literally anything.

Ethan Gelfand

A self-proclaimed ‘master of none’, Ethan Gelfand prides himself on being able to survive if placed in bodies of water 5 feet or shallower.  However, his true claim to fame comes as being a 4th place finisher in “This is how we do it” lip sync battles, from 5’s of hours of training.  A world traveler, he has been to 48 of these United States and is begging anyone for a reason to take him to Idaho, or the lesser Dakota (you decide which it is, he is not trying to insult any Dakotans - or Dakota Johnson).  

In the end, Ethan only believes in 3 things: the importance of investing in employee engagement; the value and camaraderie derived from office pools; and a dream of meeting Jaleel White.

REAL SCOOP Ethan spent 15 years in college athletics, working with some of the highest performing teams and athletic departments in the country. He worked behind the scenes ensuring athletes and coaches alike could perform at their optimal levels while he took care of everything else.
Working in division 1 athletics, Ethan had the opportunity to wear a variety of hats within the programs, including team-building and director of on-campus recruitment. With these responsibilities, he was able to create unique, extravagant experiences to attract recruits and families alike. Ethan was able to appreciate, and express first-hand, the importance of truly feeling involved with a team, and what it means to have the red carpet rolled out to make others feel valued. One of a kind experiences, over-the-top production value, and a passion for all that sports have to offer made The Pool Boys the perfect marriage.
Ethan graduated from Wake Forest, where he met Kemper wading in the shallow end. Along the way, he was lucky enough to find his wife, and they now have two elementary-aged kids and a wild 2-year-old Havanese. He loves all things Boston sports and generally anything that can be turned in to a game or competition.

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