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Customized Employee Engagement

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Welcome to the home of The Pool Boys!  Ethan Gelfand and Kemper Trull founded The Pool Boys with the goal of helping companies address the unique employee engagement and retention issues of today's economy. We facilitate tailor-made sports pools, complete with customized video commentary, creating a unique experience that will lead your employees to become more connected and engaged in your work environment.

Oh, and there will be trash talking. Lots of it...

The  Employee Engagement Problem

In 2022, Engagement Dropped for the First Time in 10 Years

Recent Studies Found...

Highly Engaged Companies Enjoy Better Business Outcomes

Participation in Office Pools Gives Morale a Shot in the Arm

84% of workers agree OFFICE POOLS go a long way to make their jobs more enjoyable

79% of employees agree participating in OFFICE POOLS greatly improves their levels of engagement at work

73% of workers agree they look forward to going to work more when they participate in OFFICE POOLS

Here's How The Pool Boys Service Works:



The Set-Up

We create and promote office pools that are custom-made for your organization.

We maximize participation by providing promotional email templates to get your teams excited about this unique experience. 

And if we need to, we'll shoot a custom video to pull people off the fence & into the pool!



The Lift

We handle the settings of the pool and field all technical questions from participants to ensure a smooth experience for everyone.  

We add your company's branding to the pool and our messaging to ensure you get credit for investing in this experience on behalf of your employees.



The Videos

Throughout your event, we record custom videos to discuss the participants and outcomes in your pool.

We give call-outs, shout-outs, and everything in-between! This is where the engagement gets an incredible boost!

Want to See a Sampling of the Magic?
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The Awards

Included with your event are several custom awards (virtual badges) that we hand-out for various accomplishments in the pool. There are badges for winners and losers alike, which boosts engagement of all participants throughout the full duration of the event. 

And of course we've got trophies...

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What Our Customers Are Saying: